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sinful_cookies's Journal

too much brilliance on one page
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Look at us sexy beasts:

Evans. Malfoy. Potter. Snape. Sinistra. Figg. Black. Andrews. Pettigrew. Lupin. Carwin. Nott. Renault. Fletcher.

We inhabit the Shrieking Shack, and ain't we talented.

This is a closed community in conjunction with shrieking_shack. Rules are very simple- post ficlets, drabbles, conversations, anything, just title it and explain what it is, and put it behind a cut so we don't spam people's friends pages :D Any R rated content should have a warning, and if you want to post any NC-17 content, just ask me (sinistrata) and I'll code it and put it up as a page on my website.

Happy writing and reading!