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too much brilliance on one page's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
too much brilliance on one page

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sexy [18 Nov 2010|03:02am]

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Last Two [14 Nov 2003|05:38pm]

These are the last two installments of Ev-Sev-Lu... in which I learn how hard it can be to write a character you hate. The last one is rather long, but there was no good breaking points that wouldn't have made really small pieces. So... deal. ;)

Part Eleven: Un Sev

Part Twelve: Making Amends

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The Saga Continues [14 Nov 2003|02:38pm]

Here are the next four parts of the story. After this there's only about 30 pages left of Evan/Severus/Lucius.

Part Seven: Monster

Part Eight: Wedding Bells and Private Hells

Part Nine: Friends and Lovers

Part Ten: Mei Pectoris Continuo Tu

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More Story [14 Nov 2003|12:06am]

All right, here's the next three bits of the story. This brings us to about halfway through the Evan/Severus/Lucius stuff... but it segues into Harry/Draco, while continuing with Sev and Lu... so it's nowhere near the end.

Part Four: Paris

Part Five: A Meeting of Masks

Part Six: Master and Servant

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It's a Long Story [13 Nov 2003|02:32pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

So, there hasn't been anything posted to this community in a while, and I'm finally getting around to putting up the very long story Elissa and I wrote quite a while ago, so I figured I'd post links to the first three parts... which is all I've got done so far.

(When I say very long, I mean like hundreds and hundreds of pages long. So it's going to be a while before it's all up there.)

This was written after book five, when we know that Lucius was not in school with Severus, Evan and the Marauders. The Prologue bit is when the boys are younger, and the second two parts are at the end of their Hogwarts career.

Prologue: In the Beginning

Part One: Goodbyes and Hellos

Part Two: Cat and Mouse

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Hey guys [28 Sep 2003|12:30pm]

I just wanted to let everyone know that I still love you guys and that I will be posting right away. School and job applications have been a pain. This past week I had 12 interviews for jobs. So yeah I've been a very busy girl!

I'm done with all that now. I just wanted to thank you guys for you patience and I hope that you will forgive the fact that I have been kind of quiet lately.


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[24 Aug 2003|03:38pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Heya my dears. Just a quick note to tell you all that I am going away to see my dear brother in Essex (pity me for that) so I won’t be posting until I come back, He lives in a net free zone so I shall be deprived. However, I leave you with this little thing I flung together.

Creepy!Uncle Doug and SixYearOld!Pete. No sex, just inappropriateness, and the real reason Doug was put in jail. Fraud? Yeah, right. Bad Doug, Evil Doug. Go to your basket, you naughty boy. Oh, and Peter’s parents, who are getting more and more based on Margaret and Denis Thatcher as they go along *shudder*


Please read the warnings?

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[12 Aug 2003|06:36pm]

[ mood | working ]

Alrighty, I've had a request for more fic.... but this isn't finished, only part one. AND this is the famed 'first boi kissage' fic, which could get epic, so bear with me. Enjoy, anyway... I think you can kind of see where it's going! Love you all, K xx

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[12 Aug 2003|05:27pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Not that this is a blatent rip-off, though it is... nor a thinly veiled attempt to pimp my new comm for fans of Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes conor_omg (yay Siri!), although it is that also... but I read the lyrics to the Bright Eyes song You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. from 'Lifted' last night, and it was so, so Sev/Lu. So I ripped it off, fiddled it around and added some stuff. It's... art? Heh. ::kisses::

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[08 Aug 2003|03:39pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Something I wrote a long time ago after reading OOP. YOu have been forwarned that spoilers are abound. :)

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Ficlet. Whee! [08 Aug 2003|06:17am]
Okay, short ficlet about Brae's life. It's quite rough as I haven't even had time to re-read it, but I'm leaving for Santa Barbera to go to my orientation (or "uni expo", ellers) in five minutes, so here it is. Constructive criticism is good.

storyCollapse )

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Ficlet. Whee! [08 Aug 2003|05:52am]
Okay, short ficlet about Brae's life. It's quite rough as I haven't even had time to re-read it, but I'm leaving for Santa Barbera to go to my orientation (or "uni expo", ellers) in five minutes, so here it is. Constructive criticism is good.

“That woman. What color was her shirt?”
Brae wracked his brain frantically. “Green,” he finally answered. “a darker green.” His father nodded silent approval and they continued on, walking the streets of Dublin. Brae tried to keep an eye on all the passerby, never sure which his father would test him on. For several minutes more, his father quizzed him relentlessly: colors, designs, shirts, pants, sometimes even shoes. Brae was better now. Ten years old, but these walks had been a semi-regular occurrence for the last four years.
“The last store we passed. What was in the display window?”
Brae panicked. His father had never asked this question before, and he was too busy paying attention to the passerby to spare many glances at the stores of downtown Dublin. Fortunately, he realized, this particular store had caught his eye. “A men’s suit.” He held his breath unconsciously - one wrong answer ended these walks, and the silence of the trip home terrified him. He waited anxiously for a response, and his father soon followed-up with another question.
“What was special about it?”
This, fortunately, had been the feature that had caught Brae’s eye, and there was no hesitation: “It came with a cape.”
His father smiled, a big, broad smile that always made Brae’s eyes light up as much as it did his father’s. “Excellent. Come on, Brae, let’s go get something to eat.” Brae marveled at the luck - his father choosing one of the few displays that he had noticed. It would be years before Brae, who thought these exercises ridiculous and his father strict, would even entertain the notion that his father had chosen the display on purpose.

“The number of children, by gender, that just passed us, their approximate ages, and a likely destination.”
Brae, thirteen now, thought carefully. The detailed questions were usually allowed more time for a response. “Four boys, six girls, all approximately 9-10 - except for one girl, probably 6 or 7, a younger sister tagging along, I would guess…” Brae paused, trying to think where Muggle children went between two and three in the afternoon. “Not coming home from school, no books. Not on an outing, too cold,” he said with a side glare at his father, who ignored both the look and inflection, “and too many to be a casual trip to a friend’s house. I give up. Where?”
His father laughed. “You’re not getting to go home so easily. You’ll figure it out eventually.”
They continued walking, Brae growing resentful - he detested not knowing the answer to any question.
“That man’s cloak. What color?”
“And his shirt beneath?”
This gave Brae pause. After a few flustered moments, he exploded. “I don’t know, his cloak was closed! It’s too damn cold out here for this anyway! Why do we still have to do this?”
His father’s congenial mood of a moment ago disappeared as quickly as his breath in the crisp air. “You know why. To make you observant. What color?”
Brae continued walking, not wanting to draw attention, and hissed quietly “I am not going to become a spy, father. I am not going to become a pickpocket. So WHY must I be able to notice every little detail about life? Can’t I look at the forest instead of the branches on the trees?”
His father growled, not particularly enjoying Brae’s teenage rebellion, contained as it was. “I am not teaching you to be a spy or a pickpocket. I am teaching you to be a man. What color?”
Brae stopped now, freezing cold and full of himself, spoiling for a fight of epic proportions to show his father the man he already was. “And why do I need this to be a man? Or what about the sewing? Did I learn that to ‘be a man’?” he mocked. “IF I need this piddling little details, I will ask the ravens. Isn’t that what they’re there for?”
His father stopped too, the busy traffic of the city bustling around them. “Dependence on anything is a crutch. Ravens are not always there to be eyes. Your mother is not always there to be your seamstress. A man is always ready for anything, Brae.”
“Really? Then what color were the gloves of the bald man who just passed behind you?” Brae’s father started a bit - Brae had never interrogated him before, only the other way around.
“Touché. Perhaps it is a bit cold for this… let’s head back to your uncle’s house.” The two of them resumed their course, side by side, the argument postponed until the next trip, and the next, and the next.
That night on Brae’s pillow was a note. In his father’s characteristic, labored handwriting was written It was a trick question. He had no gloves. Brae, for the remainder of his rebellious years, pretended the note had never existed.

“That man. What ring was he wearing?”
Brae replied speedily. “A wedding ring with a small emerald. That woman. Her necklace.”
“Three diamonds in a gold setting.”
It was almost a game now, the two trying to top each other, and Brae had long since grown out of his Oedipal provocations - he was 16 now, nearly a man in his own right. The walks were now more of discussions, and in between their talks the two would fire questions, trying to throw the other off or come up with a trick.
“All these years, father - why the exercises? There are no more wars. Why not something more - refined? Family picnics? Dancing lessons, even?”
“Just because there are no wars now does not mean their never will be again.”
“But even so, why? Why train your only son for some sort of bizarre future? These exercise,” he said, gesturing grandly but managing to avoid the passers-by, “these exercises do not even really train me to be a soldier.”
“I did not train you to be a soldier, I trained you to be a man. You know that.”
“What sort of man needs to remember these little details, or be able to survive for a week with nothing but a knife? What sort of battles could I face?”
“For a good man, Brae, there are always battles to be fought. Perhaps not wars. Perhaps not battles for territory or gold. But there are always battles that need to be fought.”
Brae gave up and went on to discuss the latest tome he had finished reading. He knew no further answers would come from his father - not today, perhaps not ever. Of all the mysteries his father had ever laid before him, some purposely, some not, the reason for the “exercises” (as they had long ago been termed, whether the walks or the sewing or the studies) was the only answer that had never been revealed.
Many of Brae’s friends were a bit scared of his father. He was nice, with a reassuring laugh, and generous and accepting - but his moods could change in the blink of an eye, and he could be almost cruelly hard in his demands on his son. But Brae always remembered the one time that all the exercises had, perhaps, worked against his father, for all his father's attempts to conceal it had not stopped Brae from observing the single tear that crept thieflike from his father's eye when Brae had first announced his dream of becoming an Auror.
His father bought him a new suit shortly after.
It came with a cape.

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[03 Aug 2003|05:33am]

Read and review and comment and send cookies! ::kisses:: K xxx

This is for BriAnne, because of a conversation Evan and Luci were having before I went off to graduation. Lu was annoying my brain with it all that week. I needed him to shut up, so this is him ranting. Evan won't like it. The ego has landed. My appologies - please remember that Lucius has a very warped sense of reality. Oh, and I stole a couple of quotes from JK and Orlando Bloom. :)

Green Eyed MonsterCollapse )

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[03 Aug 2003|04:29am]

Hey all. I haven't written anything in a while... actually, not that many people have. Not a bad thing, but I'm hoping this means there are lots of ficcies being worked on? Lol, all in good time... I like ficcy! But anyway. I thought I'd show you a couple of my recent thingys. Not brilliant, but meh. Hope you like! R&R please!! K xx

This ficlet's for Elissa. It's small and cute. Gotta love punk!Sevvy! :-*

EyelinerCollapse )

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Puddles [28 Jul 2003|10:03pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Ficlet inspire by a rather random mental image I go to Baby!Evan.

PuddlesCollapse )

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[11 Jul 2003|07:32pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Another little story. Looks like ours muses are back on track! This is for my Lady Elissa, because we were talking the other day about our bitty!bois... and I know how you love a good Luci temper tantrum. :)

StormyCollapse )

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[10 Jul 2003|03:20pm]

[ mood | amused ]

For my Kath-muffin. Its sickeningly cute and I hate it, but it made me laugh a lot while writing it. Look, I can write happy! It took 4 hours but...

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OT but slytherinboi made me! [09 Jul 2003|06:26pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Yea so ah...I was tampering around with the idea that Lucius will probably run against Cornelius Fudge sometime in the future...and...well here! :D

Malfoy - A Name You Can Trust?Collapse )


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*smiles* [08 Jul 2003|10:50am]

[ mood | artistic ]

This is to cheer Our Ex up a bit, if it can. AU James/Pete set November 17th 1997. James isn't dead, but I thought with my reputation, I better stress that.

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[05 Jul 2003|06:35pm]

[ mood | productive ]

This is a fic I wrote a couple of days ago when I got my degree results and my writer's block simultaneously ended. It's dedicated to my best friend Sara, for her 21st birthday tomorrow... but it's not happy. Sorry! Our bois! ::snuggles to all:: xx

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