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For my Kath-muffin. Its sickeningly cute and I hate it, but it made me laugh a lot while writing it. Look, I can write happy! It took 4 hours but...

"Please no, Lucius." Severus dragged his feet, looking mournfully at his best friend, who was running towards his carriage with his brand new racing broom in hand.

"No, you have to ride it! You'll love it. I'm so glad you're here!" He scampered up, hugged him quickly, then tugged his hand. "Hi, hi, come on!"

"But my things..."

"We'll be sent up to your rooms, come on, come on!" The 14 year-old Malfoy heir practically skipped, dragging Severus behind him. "Its great. It has state-of-the-art breaking charms and hand tooled straws and..."

"Lucius, I'm afraid of heights," Severus snapped, stopping and yanking his hand away. "You've know me for years, you should know this."

"Well, no better way to be cured then! Would you stop being a girl and come on!" He picked up Sev bodily, thrusting the broom between their legs. Severus blushed.

"Lucius, I'm utterly not dressed for flying and I really, really loathe it and sweet Circe are you trying to kill us?????" Lucius pushed off and they rocketed upwards. Severus clutched the broomstick in abject terror, unable to tear his eyes away as the objects on the ground shrank ever smaller. "Lucius, please, please, please, put us down. Please, please, please."

One strong arm wrapped around his waist, Lucius' breath ghosting hot against his ear as he laughed. "Don't be such a whiner, Sev. You'll like it," he purred. Under normal circumstances, Severus would have melted into a ball of compliant goo at the tone and eagerly done anything Lucius wanted, all the while chastising himself for what were becoming undeniable feelings of attraction to his best friend. But as the ground spun sickeningly below them, Severus found Lucius' powers of seduction and manipulation far to weak to combat the growing feeling of nausea in his stomach. He squeezed his eyes shut.

"Put us down, put us down... please, god, kill me quickly, please, please, please... If I'm going to die, I want it to be in my sleep not falling from stupid Lucius' stupid broom... this is horrid, I hate this, we're going to die, its not fair, I don't want to die without seeing Lucius naked..."

"What was that?"

"Nothing." Sev squeaked as their feet grazed the turret of the East Tower. "Lucius, please, put us down!"

"Oh honestly..." Lucius took off at top speed, arcing low enough over the lake to kick up a spray of water before letting a very green Snape off on the bank. His best friend staggered under a tree and collapsed, shaking. He laughed and hugged him. "Welcome home."

"The Manor is not my home, Lucius. And that was a horrid, wicked, mean-spirited..."

"You won't say that when you ride it by yourself." He laughed at the look of pure terror on Sev's face. Sev on a broomstick was funnier by far than Humphrey the Horrid and his Hillarious Harp-Playing Hounds (who had performed at Lucius' birthday party the year before last and Lucius didn't find funny at all, but the metaphor got the point across). "Kidding, Sev, kidding. Come here."

Severus fairly crawled over and rested against Lucius. They sat in semi-companionable silence until Severus returned to his usual unhealthy-yet-less-than-nauseous-green pallor. "That was a horrid, wretched..."

"So you've said. Lunch?" Lucius summoned a basket he had the elves prepare earlier and proceeded to hand feed Severus, teasing him and calling him a Ravenclaw eagle. Severus glowered at him, but Lucius was unaware of sting to his words.

It was usually this way. Every summer, Severus came to stay, for longer and longer periods of time as Lucius found he missed the solemn glares, bitter chastisements, and biting sarcasm that characterized the boy he called his best friend. He nuzzled Sev's cheek, just as unaware of the effect he had on the darker haired boy now blushing beside him. "Well fed?" He waggled his fingers at Sev who, now a brilliant shade of scarlet, tenitively licked them clean. He nodded.

"Brilliant," Lucius drawled, laying back on the grass. "So, ok, I need your help."

Oh, bloody fucking hell, what on earth had he done now? Severus began cataloging the usual ingredients he needed to clean up after Lucius' disasters. "What is it?" he asked, mentally composing a note to Borgin and Burkes.

"Did I seduce you?"


"Well, if you weren't terrified of heights... and brooms... and if you liked mangos..." He looked mournfully at the uneaten slices. "And if you were a girl... Look, Narcissa Renault is coming up to the Manor after you leave and I'm going to win her over. I'm sick of the uppity bitch pretending she is too good to pay me more than a passing glance. And you're going to help me."

Severus buried his face in his hands. "How?" he moaned.

"You're going to be my unsuspecting victim."

He tugged at his hair. It was going to be a long, hellish summer. Why was every summer this way? He looked at Lucius. Right. Because I'm best friends with that, he thought bitterly, admiring the way the sun sparkled on Lucius' hair and he rustled around in the bushes. He shook himself. "Fine. But no ball gowns, no more broom rides, no kissing, and you're taking me to the damn library at the end of each week and not bitching."

Lucius turned around, a set of black dress robes draped over one arm. "Well, no, you'd look wretched in a ball gown, but you'd look silly dancing in jeans. Get dressed." He threw the expensive outfit at Sev, who gaped at him. "And yes broom rides and no library and I'll kiss you if I want."

"I hate you, Lucius!" Severus called after him. Lucius laughed. "I do, I hate you."

"I'll buy you a new cauldron, hurry up. Do you think Narcissa would like a full orchestra or a string quartet. I got the quarter for you, of course, since I know you like cellos and violins and not much else. And calla lillies for you, but what should I do for her? Are you seduced yet? And you better be dressed."

Severus laughed, listing to Lucius' voice drift back towards him. He looked at the robes, equisitely cut in a style he liked, and listened to the strains of Pachebel's Canon in D floating towards him. He was already seduced and would have been without it all. Damn Lucius Malfoy.

"Hurry up. Or we'll be late for the opera."

"Let me guess. Puccini? What do I have to suffer through; Tosca or La Boheme?"

"Are you stupid? Faust. I'll take her to La Boheme. If I'm taking you, its to something we'll enjoy." He grabbed Severus by the hand.


"You're not dressed!"

"I'm seduced, Lu."



"Good. Put on the damn robes and dance with me."

"You're such a prat."

"But a seductive one. Come on!"
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